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Coil Nozzle Heater

Compared to conventional method of heating machine nozzles with Mica Band Nozzle heater, PHP offers a High Performance Coiled Nozzle Heater which has many advantages. This product has evolved out of experience and regular heater failure complains of plastic processor around the globe. It has a very robust design and can perform efficiently even where polymer spillage is a regular feature. They can be manufactured with built-in thermocouple, thus can be controlled very accurately while processing sensitive materials e.g. Nylon 66 with 40% glass filled. 

  • Higher Operating Temperature 400°C
  • Available with built in Thermocouple
  • Negligible Effect of Material Spillage
  • Very Robust Design
  • Delivers Better & Even Heat Transfer
  • Available with built in Thermocouple
  • Good for processing engineering plastics(nylon66, glass polyfill)
  • Injection / Blow Moulding
  • Rubber Moulding
  • Plastic Process Machinery
  • Test Equipment
  • Laboratory Equipment
  • Shoe manufacturing Machinery
  •  Medical Equipment
  • Food Process Machinery
  • For heating the Nozzles of Injection Molding Machines.

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Coil Nozzle Heater

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